Charter School CEO Compensation and Turnover

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The surprising factors influencing charter school CEO compensation and turnover.

And what boards can do about it.


Hosted by BoardOnTrack CEO Marci Cornell-Feist and Edgility Partner Allison Wyatt.
Be the first to learn the results of our first-ever study of charter school CEO compensation study.

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It's vital that charter school boards get CEO compensation right. This data can help.

But perhaps even more important is what this study reveals about the board-CEO partnership.

The pandemic has required charter school CEOs and boards to rethink the very nature of the education they provide their students. 

Simultaneously, you've had to rethink the nature — and strength — of your partnerships with each other. 

This study reveals just how important that partnership is to ensuring charter schools thrive today and beyond the pandemic.

It lays bare how certain factors of that partnership influence CEO compensation, CEOs’ likelihood to seek a new role, and more.

Join us to learn more. And to learn what your board can do with this data.