pdf - governing for growth

Are You Governing for Growth?

Download the guide to get the strategic questions you need to ask yourself and your governance team today.

We've discovered a surprising trend...

Having worked with hundreds of charter school CEOs and boards nationwide, we’ve discovered a surprising pattern.

Within high-performing and rapidly scaling organizations, governance capabilities typically don’t evolve at the same pace as the capabilities of the rest of the organization.

Your growth will require an evolution of how you lead, and who you need to lead with you.

To keep pace with the growing demands of your growing organization, your governance team needs professional development and modern tools and supports. 

How will your board govern for growth?

Your charter is thriving. The community's demand is growing. And you feel a mandate to expand; to serve more students who need you.

While governing for growth is an ongoing evolution, asking yourself the right strategic questions will start you on the right path.

Get started by asking yourself the questions found in this guide.

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