CEO Support & Evaluation Committee

Tune in to a quick 20-minute Q&A session with BoardOnTrack’s charter school governance experts.

~April 12th at 3pm ET~

CEO Support & Evaluation Committee

Upcoming Q&A with the Experts

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Meet Your Experts

Mike Mizzoni - round

Mike Mizzoni, Chief Governance Officer, BoardOnTrack

Mike brings a wealth of experience to his role as BoardOnTrack’s Chief Governance Officer. Before joining the BoardOnTrack team 5 years ago, Mike worked for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, where he served as the Director of Trustee and Community Relations and formerly as Deputy General Counsel. Mike began his career as a Legislative Aide at the Massachusetts State House while attending law school full-time. In addition to his professional experience, Mike volunteers for a variety of organizations. He has served as the Vice-Chair of the Town of Littleton School Committee, on the Board of Directors of the Freedom Summer Collegiate, an education non-profit that he co-founded, and as an active member of the UMass Lowell Young Alumni Council.

Mike currently lives in Littleton, Massachusetts, and is a proud graduate of both the University of Massachusetts Lowell and New England Law Boston. While not working, Mike enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, traveling, and spending time outside with his French Bulldog, Charlie!

Gina_FarfardGina Fafard, Senior Governance Coach, BoardOnTrack

Gina brings over 20 years of educational leadership experience to BoardOnTrack, having served students and families in both large urban and small suburban districts. Gina taps into her broad range of experience, from being a classroom teacher to Charter School CEO to providing governance coaching that is both practical and attainable. She believes that the key to success in growing a healthy and vibrant school or network of schools starts with its leadership. Gina helped pioneer the role of governance coach at BoardOnTrack and has twice been a BoardOnTrack Member – once serving as a CEO of a CT Charter School and the second time in Florida.

Gina holds an EdS degree, an MS degree in Ed Leadership, and a BA degree in Art. When she’s not coaching school boards, she enjoys everything outdoors, including camping, fishing, kayaking, and cycling.

About this Q&A with the Experts:

Nothing is more important to the health and stability of your organization than the Board-CEO partnership. A core component of building and maintaining a healthy partnership is ensuring your CEO is supported throughout the year and that the entire board participates in conducting an annual CEO evaluation. This work is led by the CEO Support & Evaluation Committee. 

During this lively, interactive session we will: 

  • Describe what the Board-CEO relationship should look like (from an operational perspective) 
  • Define the work of the CEO Support & Evaluation committee 
  • Provide you with a job description template you can customize and make your own  
  • Talk about the role of this committee vs the full board 
  • Clarify who makes a great committee chair  
  • Clarify who should serve on this committee 
  • Share some sample CEO Support & Evaluation committee goals 
  • Share some observations on the common mistakes this committee makes and how to avoid them 
  • Review what this committee should be doing throughout the year 

In addition, we’ll make sure you leave this session with concrete action steps and access to tools to help you implement our recommendations. 


We hope you can make it!

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P.S. If you want to learn more about how BoardOnTrack's membership can strengthen your governance, there will be time to chat at the end of the session.