Dreaming Big – The Role of Your Development Committee

Tune in to a quick 20-minute Q&A session with BoardOnTrack’s charter school governance experts.

~June 7th at 3pm ET~

Dreaming Big – The Role of Your Development Committee

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BriannaBrianna Stuczynski
Governance Coach, BoardOnTrack

Brianna is a graduate of Long Island University’s Global College, a program that allowed her to study in 12 different countries. This has prepared her with the ability to excitedly connect with people from every background and quickly think on her feet, no matter what bump in the road they may come upon.

This experience has also instilled in her a passion for great education, as a human right. Before joining BoardOnTrack, Brianna worked for the New York City-based education equity nonprofit, Student Leadership Network, where she gained experience supporting and managing their Board of Directors. She also comes with experience in customer service from the Brooklyn-based jewelry company, Bird + Stone, whose mission is to partner with and give back to local nonprofits.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, she loves to hike, play with dogs, bake and travel.

About this Q&A:

We haven’t met a board or CEO that didn’t want to raise more money. But how to go about doing this exactly? What if your board says “they aren’t a fundraising board”.  And should a public school really be raising money at all? 

During this lively, interactive session, we will: 

  • Define the work of the Development Committee 
  • Provide you with a job description template you can customize and make your own  
  • Talk about the role of this committee vs. the full board 
  • Clarify who makes a great development committee chair  
  • Clarify who should serve on this committee 
  • Share some sample development committee goals 
  • Discuss the governance-management line and the role of staff vs. the committee and the full board as it pertains to fundraising
  • Share some observations on the common mistakes this committee makes and how to avoid them 

In addition, we’ll make sure you leave this session with concrete action steps and access to tools to help you implement our recommendations. 


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